Posters for TV Licensing Nottingham campaign
In 2017, TV Licensing commissioned a campaign in Nottingham called 'Reality Street'. The aim of this campaign was to counter the mistaken belief held by people in parts of the city that the level of evasion was (at the time the campaign was launched) as high as 49 per cent.
In fact, data at the time revealed that around 94 per cent of homes were correctly licensed, and it was this that TV Licensing wanted highlighting - and that therefore evasion in Nottingham is as low as six per cent.
I was tasked with firstly designing the look and feel of 'Reality Street', and then devising illustrated characters that inhabit the street. Being mindful of accurately representing Nottingham, the characters feature different elements of the ethnic make up of the city.
The 'Reality Street family' appeared in posters, leaflets, and social media work.

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